Drawing the Norka, a fairytale collected by Andrew Lang

This project was inspired by the fairy tale ‘the Norka’, as it’s found in The Red Fairy Book with stories collected by Andrew Lang.

The Norka is a very strange story about a young prince who sets out to defeat a great beast (the norka) that invades their kingdom and eat all the animals. The Norka flees under a rock to a second world below their own. The prince follows the Norka to kill it, only to meet three princesses on the way, one copper, one silver and one gold, who are it’s sisters. They help him kill their brother, together they return to the kingdom of the prince. However, his brothers are jealous and only hoist up the princesses, cutting the rope to their younger brother can’t come back.

The young prince then helps out a bird, who then flies him back home. But two older brothers intent to marry the three princesses, but the princesses refuse without the youngest one there. Through some clever ruse the prince returns to the castle and everyone gets married.


I chose this story because no element is very well described, so that gave me a lot of freedom to come up with my own thing.  I just picked scentences and scenes here and there to illustrate. I tried to use different styles and different materials for each drawing.



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