Collidoscope, a Kaleidoscopic Collage

Illustration students where invited to create work to show at The Impossible Machine exhibition created by Mirjam Dijkema and Andrés Gamiochipi, at the former Groningen Museum at Praedinius singel, Groningen in april 2017.

The Theme for the project was Cause and Effect. In my work I made a connection between birth and death, their own cause and effect. Each collage within my work mirrors a collage with a similar theme, stringing visual references throughout in the form of a booklet wherein each collage was photographed through a kaleidoscope and those photographs added up to a single kaleidoscopic image, composed of all the different collages, bringing the project to a satifying conclusion.

Enlargement of the a sample of the collages, along with the booklet and the finished kaleidoscopic collage where exhibited.




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